Thursday, March 19, 2015

Just Waiting

This is a late and short post but on the 4th I had my follow-up visit with my RE. They drew tons of blood for our recurrent loss work-up. 

This is my work up so far: Prolactin, TSH, Thyroid Peroxidase, Thrombosis panel, Factor V, Thrombophilia, Lupus anticoagulant and antiphospholipid confirmation, homocysteine, and a chromosome analysis. I also did a glucose tolerance test, which happens to be the only result that I have gotten back yet, and it was negative. My RE told me it can sometimes take up to 6 weeks for our chromosome analysis to come back. 

As of right now I am waiting to start my cycle again and will call to have a saline sono again and hopefully go ahead an start birth control. If the testing goes well hopefully we can try again sometime in April.....
I'm curious if this is pretty standard testing or if there are other protocols out there?

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